SL Raw Virgin Hair

SL Raw Coarse Textured Wavy Hair

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Get your signature look with our Raw Coarse Textured Wavy Hair bundles. Our raw coarse hair is top-notch and this Virgin Moroccan hair bundle is ideal for us ladies who want natural-looking hair that last. 

As unprocessed raw hair, you can expect this bundle to last longer (upwards of 2 years with good care).

The fullness is second to none. And the texture is absolutely wonderful.

High-quality Moroccan Raw Virgin Hair

  • Get hair that looks more natural and closer to your hair texture. Sourced from Morocco (not China), these bundles are real, ethically sourced, natural hair.
  • Our Moroccan raw virgin hair will last longer, and you’ll have a fuller head of hair from the thicker hair strands and, of course, a beautifully natural luster.
  • With these raw coarse bundles, you can wash and style them as you like.
  • Heat resistant up to 400o, they can be flat-ironed and colored.
  • Frizz Level 8%

Salon Approved Human Hair Extensions

These are salon-inspired quality hair bundles and are perfect whether you’re ordering for your clients or you plan to make a wig yourself.

So, work with the highest quality raw hair on the market. And get up to an inch more, allowing for more styling options.

Thick, Coarse Textured Bundles

Our luxurious low luster human hair bundles from Morocco are raw coarse bundles that are thicker than ever. Great for those with super coarse hair follicles.

Enjoy great density from wefts to ends. Minimal to NO shedding and no tangles.

*Model Photographed is wearing (4) 22-24 inch 2.5oz and 16" Lace Frontal 

This product ships to 199* Countries Worldwide🌍

Ounces Recommended by Density  

Fine hair 

(5 ounces - Thin Hair) = 145 grams

Medium hair
 (8 ounces - Medium Hair) = 240 grams
Coarse hair
 (10 ounces - Thick Hair) = 283 grams


More details

2.5 oz, 3.5 oz, & 4.5oz  Coarse Raw Virgin Wavy Hair 

True virgin hair varies in texture as each donor is different, some may be smoother than others or consist of more texture. When purchasing from us you'll notice that our hair has texture, density, and reacts to weather. 

Proper Hair Maintenance is advised for the longevity of hair extensions. (With proper hair care hair can last up to 2 years in its natural state) 

NOT from China


Texture: Raw Coarse Wavy (varies bundles to bundle)

Hair Quality: 100% Raw Coarse Wavy Human Hair Weft

Hair Weight: sold in 70g, 99g, & 119  per bundle 

Hair Color: Natural black & brown (colors may vary)

Hair Lengths: Available in 16"-28" (some bundles may appear longer)

Hair can be dyed and heat styled up to 400°F 



Ounces Recommended by Density  

Fine hair 

(5 ounces - Thin Hair) = 145 grams

Medium hair
 (8 ounces - Medium Hair) = 240 grams
Coarse hair

 (10 ounces - Thick Hair) = 283 grams


** Coloring hair will alter the hair if done improperly, just as real hair. Please see a professional colorist to color hair extensions**






Ask a Question
  • I think I need longer hair, are the lengths exact?

    All of our bundles length listed are slightly longer than what you will receive. We provide longer hair bundles to allow you more styling options.

  • How many bundles do I need of the Coarse Wavy?

    Our human hair Moroccan Coarse Wavy is 2.5 ounces per bundle. On average, you will need 3-4 bundles for a full head install. 

    Coarse Moroccan Wavy Collection  16-18 inches: 3 or more bundles required 20-24 inches: 3 or more bundles required

  • Can I color my Coarse Wavy hair extensions?

    Absolutely, every bundle we carry is authentic natural donor hair that will react just like your natural growing hair. If you plan on coloring your SL Raw Hair extensions, be advised this may alter the curly/wavy pattern slightly as you are chemically changing the raw virgin hairs state.  We do recommend the assistance of a professional colorist when coloring raw hair. Tip:Use a higher volume developer in shorter increments when coloring raw hair.

  • How long will my Coarse Wavy hair last?

    With proper care your Coarse Wavy can last up to 2years if not longer.

  • What's the difference between the Coarse Wavy & Natural Wavy

    Our SL Raw Coarse Wavy is much thicker in follicle diameter and more in density. It's also our lowest lust of human hair v.s. Our Natural Wavy hair has mild lust and follicles are much lighter in density.

  • I'm interested in purchasing the raw coarse texture in 16 inches. Please confirm when this item will be available again. Thanks

    Do to the exclusivity of this product we are limited at this time. Once we collect more hair from qualified donors we will update inventory. In the meantime, we advise you to subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of restock.