SL Raw Virgin Hair

NEW Venetian Raw Curly Hair (Limited time)

  • $169.00

SL Raw Virgin Hair offers you our limited collection "Venetian Curl"

Are you searching for gorgeous curly hair that has softness and minimal knots ? This Exclusive  Raw Venetian Curl Hair is your ticket to experiencing the very best pure, curly hair bundles available - to ultimately take your hair to the next level! Created using only the highest-quality real human virgin hair - in order to enhance your natural look everyday of the week!



Texture: Raw Venetian Curl (mixed coils 3B-4A) (varies bundles to bundle)

Hair Quality: 100% Raw Venetian Curly Human Hair Weft

Hair Weight: 100 grams per bundle

Hair Color: Natural black & brown (colors may vary)

Hair Lengths: Available in 14,16, or 18 inch (some bundles may appear longer)

Hair can be dyed and heat styled up to 400°F 


More Details

Our 3.5 oz Raw Venetian Curl  is Limited time Premium Hair Bundle which is produced with a combination of curls. Mixed with loose curls and coily curls giving you the perfect venetian curl pattern.  All of our hair products are unmatched in regard to texture, density and reaction to weather - with an extensive lifespan, all of our products are made to not just last but be reused without losing an ounce of quality (ensuring they are properly maintained and not treated poorly). Sourced and collected from only the very best donors, typically located in the Southern and Northern areas of India - no cheap knockoffs from China!

Additionally, all of our products are made without the use of nasty chemicals or additives, our hair bundles are 100% natural and freshly washed before every single delivery. We are more determined than ever to provide the most premium hair products on the market, in-order to give our customers the opportunity to showcase their beauty and their worth. Don’t settle for fake, synthetic bundles that’ll begin to lose quality immediately after the very first use, treat yourself with real quality and purchase from SL Raw Virgin Hair today.

(With proper hair care hair can last up to 2years in it's natural state)

** Coloring hair will alter the hair if done improperly, just as real hair. Please get a professional colorist to color hair extensions**

**Recommended 8oz for full-head weave
*** Lengths after 20inch you may need (3)bundles


Ask a Question
  • Can I color this hair?

    Of course, it's real human hair. If you plan on coloring your SL Raw Hair extensions, be advised this may alter the curl pattern slightly as you are chemically changing the raw virgin hairs state.  We do recommend the assistance of a professional colorist when coloring raw hair. Tip:Use a higher volume developer in shorter increments when coloring raw hair