About Us

SL Raw Virgin HAir About Us

SL Raw Virgin Hair® is an American based company whose mission is to provide quality affordable hair extensions to young entrepreneurs of the world to achieve all their hair style desires - Always quality human hair, never fake!

Founded in 2009. Celebrity Hairstylist LeAna Mcknight was on a quest to find the top quality virgin hair for her professional and celebrity clientele, with her mission to provide quality virgin hair people can trust. In 2009, Lee started selling hair extensions out of her salon in Houston, combining her passion to change women’s lives while providing quality human hair extensions. Lee’s eagerness to continuously provide authentic human hair extensions to her high profile clientele is what inspired her to open her very own online hair store SL Raw Virgin Hair. Being tired of seeing countless dollars wasted on poor quality hair that claims to be human hair, and hairstyles that just didn't flow right. It was only right that Lee shared her product with the masses.

In 2017, Lee decided that she wanted to open a  On-line Virgin Hair Store providing only real Indian human hair extensions to the world.


More About Our Hair  

SL Raw Virgin Hair® ethically sources donor human hair from India & South East Asia. We sustainably-produce goodness. We hand pick each piece of genuine 100% Raw Virgin Hair - sanitize and clean every luscious strand, keeping human hair in tact. We use only high quality shampoo cleansers that doesn't stripe the hair cuticle leaving hair with a healthy shine coat. Each unique piece of hair has been customized for our customer needs and handcrafted with a machine weft to allow for minimum shedding and matting .

 *Our Indian & Brazilian hair collection will last a minimum of two year with care. After numerous of shampoo styles and reinstalls, it is as beautiful as it was the first day you purchased from SL Raw Virgin Hair.




Luxurious hair in India is a cultural heritage that reaches back thousands of years located in the heart of south Indian, SL Raw Virgin Hair is one of the only companies that produce this hair extensions at the source. Chemical free, the collection is a symbol of elegance and refinement that will enhance the length, color, and texture of your natural hair. Our Raw Hair Collection has never been processed or altered and has undergone a lifetime of careful grooming using traditional natural herbal oils. SL Raw Virgin Hair collection is the finest in the industry and available to you.