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  • Top 5 Hair Extension Install Trends for 2021

    Get in on the know with the top 5 hair extension install trends for 2021 and find your next hairstyle of the year.
  • How to create everlasting eye-catching curls

    As a natural hair person, you know that those luscious bouncy curls your after can fall flat even after a few hours of putting in the work. But … when they behave just right, you’ll have silky, bouncy curls all day long. On a bad day? It’ll be flat as a pancake. If you’d like to make those silky ...
  • Get the perfect Blow-Out Ponytail for Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day is here! It is definitely the one day that the couples who are in love absolutely adore. As cliché as it may sound, this is the day when you can commit to your significant other, go on a date, do something that you both enjoy doing, and maybe did not have the time for just the two...