SL Raw Virgin Hair

SL Raw Lao Curly I-Tip (50pcs) | formerly 100% Raw Curly I-tip

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Looking for the perfect curl that's easy to straighten and bounces back when washed? Then you're going to love our silky soft SL Raw Lao Curly I-tip hair extensions. These Lao I-tips can be worn as is, or styled to your desired hairstyle.

The SL Raw 

Laotian hair i-tips come from the heart of Laos where the texture is soft but much thicker with medium lust for the perfect blend. Great for those with fine to medium hair densities. But don't let the small size fool you! These 50 pcs curly hair i-tips are the most seamless way to get length, bounce, and lust all in one salon visit. 

Our keratin i-tip extensions are made with 100% virgin human hair, so you can easily style along with your natural hair for a fuller natural look. Each link is packed with 0.7 grams of curly hair goodness - each bundle is equal to 23-30grams which is 50 links.

These are affordable, high-quality i-tips micro links, whether you’re buying for yourself or you’re a stylist looking for hair extensions to offer your clients.


    • 100% human hair
    • No tangles, shedding, or fading
    • Can last up to 10 months with proper care
    • 50 strands per pack of 0.6 grams each
    • Frizz Level 5%
    • Individual strands for easy application
    • Blends well with curl hair pattern 3A-3C
    • The average head needs approximately 200-250 links


High-quality human hair extensions

The extensions come pre-tipped with the i-tip to allow quick and easy strand-by-strand micro links application. With 50 pieces per pack, you can easily determine how many hair extensions you need to add that beautiful volume to your hair.

You can wash and style your hair with these micro links exclusively offered by SL Raw Virgin Hair (even straightening the hair). When done right, it’s almost undetectable from your hair.

More hair per micro link

Each link is packed with more hair equal to 0.6 grams of Lao curly hair per i-tip. Each bundle is equal to 23-30grams.

Sold in: 50pcs links

Fine hair 

4 Packs (120 Grams- Thin Hair)

Medium hair
5 Packs (150 Grams- Medium Hair)
Coarse hair
7 Packs (210 Grams- Thick Hair)


Your choice of length

Available in 2 sizes: 16"and 20"

This product ships to 199* Countries Worldwide🌍

 ** I-tip are collected by donor's hair and curl textures may vary. Some bundles may be tighter than others

**Micro links should be installed by a certified extensionist.


Texture: Raw Natural Curly (varies bundles to bundle)

Hair Quality: 100% Raw Lao Curly Human Hair

Hair Weight: 25grams (recommend 200 grams)

Hair Color: #1b Natural black & brown (colors may vary)

Hair Lengths: Available in 16 & 20 inches (some bundles may appear longer)

Hair can be dyed and heat styled up to 400°F 


More Details 

100% Raw Virgin Curly I-tip Premium Hair Extensions. Sourced and collected from only the very best donors, these curly I-tips match well with curl patterns 3A-3C. Also great with 4A patterns when stretched. Ideal for adding length and texture for naturally curly girls and African Americans.

The average head needs approximately 200-250 links. Consult with your salon professional for a number of links needed. Hair is virgin and can be colored. No cheap knockoffs from China!




Ask a Question
  • Can I color my Micro Links?

    Of course, it's real human hair. If you plan on coloring your SL Raw Hair extensions, be advised this may alter the curl pattern slightly as you are chemically changing the raw virgin hairs state.  We do recommend the assistance of a professional colorist when coloring raw hair. Tip:Use a higher volume developer in shorter increments when coloring raw hair

  • Will the curls revert back after I wash it?

    Absolutely, every bundle we carry is authentic natural donor hair that will react just like your natural growing hair.  Yes, all of our curly textures will always revert back to its natural state when washed.

  • How many grams are your Raw Curly Micro-links?

    Our human hair Micro-Links are 0.8 grams per strand. Each bundle of Micro-Links are packaged in 25 pcs per bundle weighing 20 grams per pk. On average, you will need 150 to 200 strands of micro-link itips for a full head install (7-8 bundles) - this is based on your head circumference and your hair density. If you have thicker hair you may need to purchase more strands.

  • How many micro link hair bundles do I need?

    Below you will find the suggested amount of bundles needed to complete a full micro link install based on inches.
    Curly Micro - Links I-tips 16-18 inches: 8 or more bundles required 20 inches: 9 or more bundles required

  • Where does the hair come from?

    We have factories in Europe and India that we have vetted out, which allows us to provide quality human hair extensions everytime.

  • What are the benefits of micro hair links?

    The final look after installing micro link hair extensions is natural-looking hair – something that is very hard to achieve with many different types of hair extensions. Their beauty comes from the appearance they provide when combined with the natural hair. The tiny strands and the tiny links are almost invisible and they can start as high as the roots. They can last from 3 to 5 months, which certainly depends on your hair growth cycle and how you care for your hair.

  • Are all of the tips made of keratin?

    Yes, Keratin Tip are on each strand of extensions which can be installed using micro-links, Brazilian knot, or a heating element which safely melts the Keratin Tips onto your own hair. Keratin Tip is partially made of the same naturally occurring protein found in your hair.

  • How many strands can 25 pcs make? and how many pcs for a full head?

    One set of i-tips consist of 25 pcs (strands of keratin tips). You will need 8 sets for a full head install which will consist of 200 pcs (strands).

  • My hair is shoulder length can I get Micro links?

    Yes, if you have 4 inches or longer you can get micro links. For full density we suggest that you purchase 8pk of micro links which is 200 links.