Confessions of Styling Freak

  • Lace frontal Fail Caught on Camera!

    Happy New Year! Well at least to you reading this, but unfortunately for this young lady it looks like 2020 isn't starting off so good. YIKES! For the most part we all have scrolled down instagram and facebook a couple of times and came across these flawless stunning lace frontal videos, you prob...
  • What you should know before you install that Hair!

    Raw hair on the other hand costs a lot to produce. The raw hair bought from temples is very expensive. This hair is more difficult to sell because as mentioned above, most people think that "Brazilian" chinese hair is the standard. Also its price is much higher so most people tend to go towards "Grade Hair". Usually, this hair is geared for connoisseurs and higher end clients. 
  • The Ugly truth about hair from China

    When buying hair extensions from your local beauty supply store, Aliexpress, or eBay you just never know what your going to get., whether its hair with lice attached, horrible pop corn frito feet smell, eggs from a mama spider, clothes tag on the track