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  • What's the Hype Behind Virgin Hair (Hair Goals)?

    Every woman strives for the utmost beauty when it comes to the look of their hair. Long, thick, healthy, and shiny hair are just some of the hair goals we all desire to achieve. Many hair care products and special lines are designed just for that – help women maintain and achieve the best look of...
  • What are Micro Hair Links and the Benefits that come with it?

    There is plenty of services, treatments, and approaches when it comes to improving the look of the hair. Adding hair extensions is something that many women find comforting and unique way to deal with their hair problems. Some look for them to help their natural hair grow and make it stronger. So...
  • Should you Sleep with your Lace Wig?

    This is the million dollar question that everyone wants to know,“Can you sleep in your custom wig unit?”

    How many of you have had a special dinner with that special someone and you decided you wanted to end the night off with a special treat, and after that special treat you want to go to sleep looking fabulous; but then you ask yourself,