How to get the perfect mermaid waves hairstyle

It’s winter and what’s a better hairstyle than mermaid waves? 

They’re perfect for just about any occasion. Need a casual look for the holiday party or family dinner? Beach waves all the way. Heading to brunch or a wedding? This hairstyle is a perfect complement to almost any outfit.

Since it is the perfect hairstyle for the winter, we think it’s only best that we give you a quick mermaid waves hair tutorial.

What are mermaid waves?

Also known as beach waves based on the inspiration for the style, mermaid waves are loose waves with a lot of movement. However, unlike beach waves that have a more undone appearance and seem a bit messier, mermaid waves are a bit more sculpted and have an S-shape movement. They have a lot of movement and are more casually elegant than other wave-type hairstyles.

As we noted, it’s an extremely versatile look that can be dressed up or down based on where you’re going. The style looks better on medium to long length hair (at least shoulder length) and so works perfectly well when paired with quality natural hair extensions. 

So, how do you get the perfect mermaid waves? 

Well, here are a few tips on achieving the defined waves with a casual feel. 

1. Start with clean hair

The first step is to prep your hair, and that means starting with clean hair that has been washed and dried. A blowout would be perfect to prevent frizz and your natural curls from impacting the waves you want to create. 


2. Get your flat iron or a curling iron

Yes, both can be used to achieve the wave look. You’ll want to use a larger iron for looser curls. Apply your favorite heat protectant spray and then get started in sections. 

A hairstylist trick to note is to twist the sections while you wrap it around the curling iron. Once that’s done, you should pull the ends to drag it down when taking out the curling iron. This gives you a loser curl more synonymous with mermaid waves. 

You can go for uniformity or create variations in the waves. 

For a bit of volume, you could always use natural hair extensions like our SL Raw Natural Wavy Hair bundle. This not only adds volume but holds curls quite well and has the natural movement that’s a signature element of the mermaid waves look. 

3. Finish off with a holding spray

Not anything too strong because you want the loose and natural movement of the beach waves. But you can use a flexible hair spray to add a bit of sheen while ensuring your curls will last the day. It locks in the look while still leaving that sexy, loose feel.

Bonus Tip: Use Natural Hair Extensions

Natural hair extensions that come already curled make it quite easy to achieve the mermaid wave look. Simple install into your hair and style as necessary.

For example, with the SL Raw Natural Wavy Hair bundle, its bouncy and full texture makes it perfect for the loose curl with a more polished look that’s typical with mermaid waves. 


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