A Top 2021 Fall Hair Trend: How to Rock Salt N Pepper Hair Extensions

Gray hair doesn’t have to be boring. That’s what the salt and pepper hair extension craze has shown us all.

Women young and old are embracing their gray hair and adding in salt n pepper weaves. And the beauty is that you can wear it in any style that you like.

So, get ready to spice things up a bit with this fabulously trendy style that’s all about being sophisticated and chic. 

What is salt and pepper hair?

Salt and pepper hair means embracing your gray hair. While most of us will eventually get there in the later years when the right time comes, you can get the look now.

Salt and pepper hair is a combination of black and gray shades with a few traces of white/silver throughout. The reason for the name is that it gives the impression of black pepper on light-colored food and salt on darker-colored food – hence salt and pepper. 

You can pair the salt and pepper look with a variety of styles. For example, you could do an ombre salt and pepper look, a balayage, or have it extended out from the black roots. The styling options are vast.

Beautiful ombre salt and pepper gray straight hair

Getting the salt and pepper look

Before you consider getting the salt and pepper style done to your natural hair, it’s important to understand the process of getting there. 

You’ll need to do quite a bit of work to achieve the look, and that means bleaching your natural hair.

Bleaching can be harmful to your natural hair if not done right. So, while you could always attempt this at home, we recommend going to a professional stylist so that you get the right look. 

A better way to get the salt and pepper look

Instead of trying to create your own salt-and-pepper hairstyle, why not make it as easy as possible with a salt and pepper hair extension already made to meet a high standard?

So, can you get extensions with gray hair? Yes, you certainly can. 

Nothing beats the natural gray hair and that’s what we offer.

Introducing our SL Raw Natural Gray Hair Extensions – a perfectly blended look for that gorgeous and regal style. 




These Vietnamese weft bundles come as a perfect blend of gray, silver/white, and black for you to install and go. As 100% natural hair extensions with no color added, you can easily style as you please. Choose how many bundles will be perfect for your face and head so as not to overwhelm the shape of your face or size of your head. 

We do not expect this salt ‘N’ pepper natural gray hairstyle to go anywhere any time soon. So, get ready to rock your salt and pepper look, whether it’s bleaching your natural hair or the ultra-safe way with a high-quality SL Raw salt and pepper natural hair extension for your next wig. 

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