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  • A Top 2021 Fall Hair Trend: How to Rock Salt N Pepper Hair Extensions

    Want to rock the salt n pepper hairstyle? Here’s the best way to enjoy the top 2021 hair trend with salt n pepper hair extensions. 

  • 7 ways to get heatless curls "Natural hair tips"

    If you love curls, but you’re not about that heat life and potential heat damage, here are 7 ways to get perfectly defined curls without applying heat to your hair. 1. Heatless Curls with Flexi Rods Set Photo credit:@brialarine Start with stretched hair. (You can achieve this without heat by ...
  • How to part your hair according to your face shape

    Have you ever done a side part and thought, nah that just doesn’t look right? Perhaps it was a middle part for you and the photograph just was not flattering at all.  But then, when you tried a different type of part, your hairstyle looked phenomenal? That’s because you ended up parting your hair...